IT'S A FAD | Behind the Collection

We’re so excited to introduce our new collection Sidewalk Mystic in collaboration with IT’S A FAD by Sara Leonard. Sara started ITʼS A FAD. In April of 2019 and knew she wanted it to be a brand that works/ collaborated and supports women in business, while having a connection with the people she collaborates with. Sara's manufacturer and embroider are both female owned businesses, she wanted to support female owned business as much as possible. Sustainability is high priority with small runs to produce on demand, with the tie dye being one offs with sustainable fabrics and a no-waste policy.


"I think this next generation of shoppers is going to force the fashion industry into the changes it needs to make."


I started ITʼS A FAD. In April of 19ʼ by chance I was watching runway shows and saw that tie dye was back in and thought Iʼll buy a kit and while my daughters bake Iʼll make some t shirts. My first t shirts came out so well my friends were very eager to buy them . Then I got serious about making tie dye professionally and in more unique ways so I studied books on shibori, contacted some people I thought were doing really cool tie dye ( in the US) and asked for tips and picked their brains. Which were the best dyes how to pre treat fabric -everything you need to know about dyeing I researched & I experimented. I watched every single you tube video on how to fold and dye .

When I was studying interior design I grasped the concepts of colour theory very quickly and have used the colour wheel to decorate and itʼs no different with ice dying - you need to understand how colours work with each other and the effect the combination of colours have and the end result you are trying to achieve. I love the folding , the pouring of the ice and the methodical yet erratic sprinkling of colour- for me itʼs a calming repetitive meditative process. Thatʼs why I do each and every single piece myself. So yeah itʼs pretty cool that one tie dye tee led to a clothing line of resort and street wear pieces and now very cool collab with a brand I have always loved but also the connection and respect I have for Andrea.


how would you describe your personal style?

My personal style evolves with my mood - I think I m trying to master the “cool Mum look.” What ever that means. I canʼt wear heels any more so golden goose sneakers it is.

I love anything denim- I love a tie dye tee with a big statement skirt. I love fringes . But really I think Iʼm so flexible that as long as something suits my body and mood - Iʼm game to wear anything if it fits the occasion. Comfort is definitely a priority for me as I turn 40- I also have a 20 year old step daughter so I canʼt dress like her generation does either. But I love that she runs every outfit for my approval actually even my stepson runs outfits by me first. So I guess I am the cool mum!!!